Black, White and Gray


38" x 30" $2,500.00

Tim Simpson, 20 years old,

Berkeley, California, USA

For Tim, most days are black and white.

Opposite moods will dominate his mind

and creativity: on one hand, the whimsical

and playful, on the other, the dark and

demonic.  Every  day  Tim grapples  with

Tourette's syndrome, which affects his

attention span, social  interactions, and

logical  thinking. This syndrome affects

each  person  differently.    Some people

are only troubled by ticks, which are mani-

ested through jerky movements.  Med-

ication can help to minimize these move-

ments. A stronger case of Tourette's syndrome is shown by an attention deficit, and in  people more affected, occasional

or frequent socially inappropriate language, like blurted out obscene or non-sequential words and phrases.

Tim doesn't make jerky movements often, but he does say things that shock people. Another behavior that shows the

severity of Tourette syndrome and possibly another psychological condition in Tim is his excessive thoughts and behavior.

Sometimes he fears that dark aliens and demons will take over his mind, while other times, he likes the scariness of them. 

Some of his sculptures, demonic in nature, seem to help him play out his fears so that he can accept his dark side and leave

his obsession behind. But oftenthese demons still haunt him.  His other sculptures bring to surface the playful, carefree child

whose imagination is also soaring, but this time to a lighter place. Tim has a gift for writing poetry as well.

Tim is fortunate to contribute to and to have a very loving, caring family. He is full of an enthusiasm which, despite his

daily discouragements, keeps him full of creativity as he develops his artistry. He graduated from high school last year with

the help of a tutor who kept him motivated even when his attention waned. He wants to interact with the world in a way

that is acceptable and knows that as he matures he will have more control over his behavior. If he had a choice, however,

between the gift of a million dollars or a rationally functioning brain, his dream come true would be to have a new brain.  I

understand Tim's yearning, yet I appreciate him the way he is: caring, personable and sensitive. I believe he understands the

subtlety of life's gray areas more than he realizes, and with time, he will also appreciate his immense talents and growing

capacity to feel comfortable with people.  With time, he will  lead a more independent life.

In Black, White and Gray, Tim's sculptures are unharnessed dreams, memories and realities. He never seems to censor his

emotions in his art, allowing the feeling of the moment to create each sculpture. My invented animal shapes that float

between the gray mat and the painting, tie together the black, white, and gray in Tim's life, his solid gray matter living in

harmony with his black, white, and multicolored imagination.              

Tim's Poetry



I walk in darkness on the devil's

path.  He whispers to me " You

have not yet felt my wrath, and

when you do you may go home

to live forever all alone."

Magical Light

Specks of iridescent light come

from a star in the sky while

people below sleep in their beds.

Because of this light that comes

from the sky they forget their

fears and their dreads.

A Plea to the Good Spirits

Spirits of good in the dreamy

sky I call thee here tonight.

Midnight casts an evil spell to

take me where the devil dwells.

He who rules eternal hell and

I am in a fright.

Help me become brave enough

to destroy the force of night

and walk into the rainbow door

and face eternal light.

Athletes of the Spirit:

An Exploration of Disability

through Art and Writing