Each person's viewpoint influenced me to change  stereotypical ideas toward people who have disabilities, and led me to the belief that

one's attitude toward one's disabilities and abilities can make life more difficult or joyous. Even though many people consider it natural to

interact with people who have limited abilities, there is still a great need for full integration of the disabled into our communities, requiring

the implementation of housing and city planning that enables the disabled community to easily take advantage of activities available to

the fully able-bodied citizen. Although many people with disabilities lead full and enriching lives now, as the public's understanding changes,

all of our lives will be more enriched. Many of us have disabilities that are not physically noticeable; we too need to be acknowledged. We

are all athletes of the spirit as we cope with our challenges, large and small, and strive to fulfill our highest expectations of ourselves.

I developed this body of work,

Athletes of the Spirit, after having

injured my hand from excessive

guitar playing. I interviewed writers

who lived with their own disabilities

and abilities. My paintings reflect

what moved me during the inter-

views. The majority of people I spoke

with enjoy writing and joined me in

the effort to express our feelings

toward disability through journal

entries. poetry and prose. Through

our candid conversations, I came

to highly respect each individual and

the disabled community as a whole.

Athletes of the Spirit:

An Exploration of Disability

through Art and Writing

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