In this body of work The Color of Black

and White  I felt the need to connect to

a culture that is similar to and different

from my own. As I developed these paint-

ings, my attitude and spirit opened more

fully to all people, no matter what their

color or creed. I have a dear friend who I

met in a Spanish class over 20 years ago.  

Jonathan  is  an  African-American.   We

discuss at length the relevant concerns

The Color of Black and White:

Portraits and Figures 

over black and white relations. Overt prejudice still exists today, as he feels the burning sensation of stares and rude comments almost

every day. We feel as close as brother and sister, and it pains me to hear that it is only the color that people sometimes see. The color of

black and white portraits and figures is meant to open the  book again that seems to have been partially closed after Martin Luther King

Jr. died, it is meant to reveal that although progress exists, we have a long way to go to opening, letting in the color and cultures of others

foreign to ourselves.

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