No More Prisons Multiple Panels

Tranquil Mind  Triptych

Eternal Faith  Multiple Panels

A Woman's Flight  Multiple Panels

Tree of Life Multiple Panels

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Seeking Peace Series


In  this  body  of  work  I  have

painted  multiple  panels  to

express a transformation

toward peace and tranquility.

These transformations take

place on many different levels:

in Tranquil Mind  -  moment to 
moment, moving from stress 

to calm;  in Tree of Life  -  mov-

ing through an illness and

finding solutions;  in A Woman's

Flight- exposing the stages of life, 

becoming more comfortable

with my mortality;   in Eternal 

Faith  -  accepting the plight of

my ancestors and welcoming

peace between the countries

involved in that struggle: and

in No More Prisons,, acknow-

ledging our internal prisons as

well as structural prisons within

our communities that can be

viewed as stunting  healthy

communication and a peaceful

planet.  To complete each

multiple panel painting,  I

assessed how the individual

panels looked next to  each

other. Then I made subtle adjustments, unifying the

multiple panels into a cohesive

body.  While I continue to

develop this body of work, I 
make very few studies, as I

want to trust my intuitive